Your weekly dose of Holo: PUPA Holographic Pink

Have you been missing your weekly dose of holos? Well, I prepared some posts for you to make up for missing the last couple of Saturdays.

Today I want to show you PUPA 037, also known as Holographic Pink.
It is a black matte polish.

No, obviously not – as the name so subtly suggests, PUPA 037 is a holographic pink polish. The application was ok, I was a bit impatient when I tried it first and had some dragging issues, but the second time around I waited for 3-4 minutes between coats.

What I’m holding in my hand is the most delicious candy ever. I love caramel, and Carambar is just a stick of super sweet super sticky caramel which will frantically attach itself to the eater’s teeth and will only go off once the eater of said candy bar looses the tooth in question.

I used to buy Carambar on the way back from school whenever my pocket money was due. Sadly, I haven’t seen it in Vienna anymore, since a couple of years. Can you imagine how excited I was to find them in Paris? The more grown up version is to dip them in coffee. Also a very exciting way to enjoy those sugar bombs!

As you can see in the first three pictures, the holographic effect of PUPA 037 is very subtle in regular light, but the rainbow of the holographic effect only shows in direct sunlight.

The effect isn’t super strong, but that doesn’t cloud my feelings towards it – actually, in pink holographic polishes, I prefer this subtle effect to a super strong one.

Tell me, what candy did you just adore when you were a kid?

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