Catrice Cucuba_Take it mint_1

Catrice Cucuba LE

Well, after I was gone for two month, you can imagine how happy I was to still find some of the LEs of this summer. I even managed to find four polishes of the Cucuba LE from Catrice, which I will show you today.

Havana Drum is a caramel creme polish. I imagined this to be prettier, but I was disappointed. I used three coats for full coverage.

Take it Mint is a very vibrant mint creme. It looks more green or more blue depending on the light – in sunlight it is a flamboyant turquise, in indirect light it is a bit more minty. 2 coats, easy and smooth application.

Sunny Side is a polish thats just inbetween orange and yellow – very much like egg yolk from supper happy hens. It has a bit of shimmer, but that doesn’t translate on the nail really, instead it adds depth to an otherwise flat polish. I used three thin coats, the polish was on the thicker side.

Salsa Cubana is a very vibrant coral jelly. I used three coats for it to be opaque, and I like it a lot – it’s a very happy color.

Did you get anything from the Cucuba LE?

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