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More Magnetics? IsaDora has them!

Today I want to show you the magnetic nail polishes IsaDora released lately. I received three colors to review, and I want to be upfront with you: I think apart from the Layla magnetics, those were the best magnetic polishes I tried yet.
The IsaDora magnetic polishes have a paper wrapping around the brush handle with a magnet attached, so you can easily remove this husk and you don’t have to turn the bottle upside down or anything like it. The magnet needs to be held to the nail for approximately 15 seconds – I opted for 20, just in case – and it forms clear, crisp lines. I found out that I should have let that dry for 30 seconds before applying SV, because that smears the lines a bit. The magnet works very good with other polishes too!

I’ll start with my favourite, Gun Metal (#851).It’s a mix of greenish, yellowish, brownish mustard color, but it’s nowhere as ugly as that sounds. In the bottle it looks more gold, but after all the particles moved around because of the magnets, it shifts color a bit. It’s a very understated gold that I could easily pull off at work, but it’s not boring either.

Northern Light is a metallic dusky grey that shifts to purple. I was trying hard to catch the effect but it didn’t work out very well. Again, super crisp lines! I applied a coat of Northern Light first without using the magnet, and after that was dry, I applied a very thick coat over the first one and used the magnet right away. This has worked best for me so far.

Iron Lady is a purple magnetic polish. I have the feeling we have seen this before. If it wasn’t for the quality of the magnet/magnetic polish from IsaDora, I wouldn’t have mentioned or had anything to be excited about.

All in all I have to say that I was again amazed by the quality of these polishes. Except for the color choices sometimes, IsaDora has not failed me yet – and I’m totally in love with Gun Metal!

These polishes were sent to me for free and without conditions. Thank you!

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