How I wore it: The yellow to orange gradient


Happy Friday everyone!

If you follow me on instagram (@goodlacknail) or if you read my blog regularly, you will be well aware that I spent my summer in the city of love and the smell of urine, Paris! Honestly, I was amazed by the fact that people, mostly men though, pee almost everywhere, anytime. Apparently that’s a prejudice of the Parisians that I was utterly unaware of, so if you ever visit Paris, make sure you find a stench-free corner to nibble on your macaroons!

I made my friend E. take pictures of me wearing nail polish. It was a tiring process, but mostly because I am a totally untalented model! I usually just looked the wrong way, or down or just plain stupid and unattractive. So what I present to you over the next few weeks are the fruits of E’s hard work!

I’m wearing a gradient manicure here. The yellow is KIKO 355, a medium yellow creme, and the orange is essie braziliant, one of the few essies I own, but absolutely adore.

This is my knee. It is a bit more photogenic than the rest of me.

La Grande Arche! We couldn’t go up, that part was closed.

If you’re wondering what I’m doing there,  I’m trying to have La grande Arche on my head. It is much more funny in German, because the word “Arche” sounds like the equivalent of the English word ass, whereas I would be trying to have an ass on my heat. This is btw not my vacation humor, this is my alltime humor. I just mostly don’t share that, because it makes people doubt my intelligence (and, whith reason, if I might add). 

The gradient itself was easy to make. KIKO 355 applies flawlessly and covers in two coats. Essie braziliant is a very well pigmented orange shimmer and hence it is easy to make a gradient with the two of them.

Here you can see how awesome my nailpolish fits to my shoes! The shoes are a Paris Sale purchase – I got them from Gallerie Lafayette – and I absolutely adore them!

Clearly there is also a fountain, and I love fountains! La Defense (that’s the area called in which you find La Grande Arche) is a newer area of Paris, and you can take the Metro to get there or the faster train called RER. It is worth a visit, because it offers a welcome change to Paris’ busy streets, plus it is a very green area, which I enjoyed quite a bit!

On this picture you can’t see my nail polish but I wanted to include it because I look so awesome. Actually, I’m wearing the same blouse just now, it was one of the best purchases this summer. It’s from H&M and it was only 9,99€! The Cardigan is from GAP, also acquired during the sale. It is from brushed wool, which sound super fancy. The pants are grey jeans from Kookai and the bag if from Freitag. Freitag bags are pretty much the only bags I like.

Again, my more photogenic knee in the pedestrian zone between (mostly) L’Arc de Triomphe and La Grande Arche. It’s a fun place to be at lunch, because all the working people walk around suited up between the big skyscrapers. It is also a pretty windy place, so if you visit, wear pants!

And last,  a horrible picture for you to start you into the weekend with a big laugh.

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