OPI French Quarter for your thoughts (3)

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts meets OPI Servin’ up Sparkle

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I should even buy new nail polish. Obviously, I have so many that only now is the time that I get around to wearing and posting about OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts. 

FQFYT (It’s to long to actually write all the time, sorry!) is a grey creme polish, but the twist is that it isn’t just grey, it has a green tint to it. It looks very much like my sea salt mud scrub mask thing that I use on my face every once in a while when I want to frighten my friends.

I used two coats of FQFYT and it applied easily and without any streaks. I like it, but I prefer straight up grey cremes or the ones that lean more towards blue, as they just fit better to my complexion and my style of clothes.

I then decided that I need some bling on my nails. It seems that lately I am not satisfied unless there’s glitter everywhere. To layer over FQFYT I chose OPI Servin’ up Sparkle, which I haven’t worn since I got it either. What a shame! Anyhow, it is too close to China Glaze Techno, so I will not be keeping it. Nevertheless, I love the mix of small holographic glitters and the larger holographic hex glitters! And I think it looks perfect over FQFYT. 1 coat.

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2 thoughts on “OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts meets OPI Servin’ up Sparkle

  1. That’s a great colour on you. I have Servin’ up Sparkle too but I never wore it. To be honest that whole collection was a disappointment. I really didn’t like Grape..Set..Match either. I really wanted to like it as well.

    • thanks! I wasn’t too excited for the glam slam polishes either. I wanted to love the bronze polish but that doesn’t fit me at all, and I wasn’t head over heels for Grape Set Match, because it’s purple. Maybe the coming up James Bond COllection will make up for it? :)

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