Nameless, again

Today I have another great franken for you! I say great because I think it is – but feel free to judge yourselves. I am always excited to read your comments!
This one I made on a whim and I am blaming myself for not writing down what I used, because I would like to recreate it! The thing with glitter bombs like this is that a full mani is very visible with regards to how quickly the bottle empties. I think I might get 10-15 full manicures out of this franken, which seems so little!

Anyhow. As you can see, the base of this franken is pink (you know me!), with tiny pink glitters. In it I put large turquoise and light blue hex glitters, smaller violet and silver hex glitters, and even smaller and fewer black glitters. I am wearing two coats of the franken on it’s own.

I am still playing around with my lightbox settings, so please let  me know which pictures you prefer, the slightly over lit ones in the bottom of this post or the slightly darker ones above?

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8 thoughts on “Nameless, again

  1. I like both pics. I think the darker give a better idea of how it looks in real life and the brighter ones show more detail. Love your blog! Would lOve to see you try some things like Kiss Nail Dress too.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I depend on my readers for that so I know also how the pictures look to someone else but me :)
      I would try the nail stickers, but honestly, I rarely wear nail polish long enough to justify the price of the stickers and I haven’t just yet found a design that I would want to wear a week. Maybe in the future :)

  2. I like the darker ones a bit better because the other ones seem a tiny bit washed out. But like the pp said, it does show the detail well.

    Beautiful polish! :)

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