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Red glitters Comparison

I haven’t gotten over glitters, and I assume I never really will. There are periods when I wear less of it, but despite the removal issue, I am still very fond of glitters, especially the glitter polishes that consist of small glitters and can therefore be worn alone. Hence it is not surprising that I have a generous amount of polishes that look similar, and I went on a dupe hunt for you.

I have never shown you Revlon Glitz and Glam before – it is a dark red jelly leaning towards pink filled with silver glitters. I used three coats of it for the swatches below.


I have two polishes that I thought would be similar, but well, judge for yourselves – I don’t think they are very much alike.
Sally Hansen Lady Luck on my middle finger and index finger is a dark red jelly like the one from Revlon, but there’s no silver glitter. Instead, is is filled with glitter the same base as the jelly and sparser holographic glitters.
Nicole by OPI Sensational Scarlet – on my pinkie and ring finger – has a differently colored base even, it is more of a ripe tomato red color, hence “scarlet”, and it is filled with red and iridescent glitters. No dupes here, I’d say! I used three coats for both polishes. 

Which glitters do you like best?

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2 thoughts on “Red glitters Comparison

  1. I have the Revlon too and it’s a dupe for Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher (which I didn’t know before I got the 2 together in a swap lol) and very close to China Glaze Mrs Claus. What removal issue are you talking about btw?? The Essence peel-off base coat works like a charm!

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