MAC rain of flowers (3)


I originally thought that Purple Rain was a song by Prince, but apparently it also is a polish by MAC. So basically you can wear it while you sing it. Fun!

The polish itself is beautiful. I do not remember how I acquired MAC Purple Rain, I think it was one of those steal finds at one of the beauty blogger flea markets we so proudly hold here in Vienna (Next one is before Christmas! Date to be announced!). I thought I would love it a lot but then I realized that it was purple and all that is beautiful and purple goes to my friend M. She is such a friendly person, you should never meet her. She is mine! Ok, admittedly, that was weird. Anyhow. M. gets all the great purples I find.

Before I found out what a great purple this was, I had to test it out. In the bottle it looks a bit more blue, so I thought it might just have been one of those names that pretend the polish is one color but it actually isn’t. When you apply the first coat though, you can see that it as a lot of dark vampy red underlying all the blue tones, that’s also why you see that red glow around the edges. I had immense application issues with this, maybe also because I wanted to try it out quickly and was a bit hasty when I applied it. Purple Rain decided to flood my cuticles (pun intended), an I At all.

Nevertheless, 2 coats and you’re good – and wearing a super shiny super dark vampy purple with amazing red and blue shimmer in it. Really, really pretty polish. Unexpected from MAC considering most of the polishes from their last year of collections, but if you manage to hunt this down, the color is definitely worth it.

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