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Yellow & Green SPAM

How is everyone? My stay here in Paris is almost over, and I have been photographing and polishing for you – stay tuned and get excited!

Today I have a yellow and green spam post for you. Generally I can say that yellows have a difficult formula. I haven’t met many yellows that apply easily and level out etc. Nevertheless, yellow is one of my favorite colors, and I can’t stay away from it!

Nicole by OPI One Voice. 3 coats. One voice is a shimmery egg yolk colored polish, and a very warm color as well. 

Nicole by OPI Yellow it’s me is a super sheer medium yellow with a lot of orange and red sparkle. This is three coats, and I still had VNL. Next time I will layer it!

OPI Fiercly Fiona is a yellow creme leaning towards a more dirty, mustard colored shade. It’s not the regular yellow and that makes it so pretty! I am wearing two coats in this picture.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is the perfect pistachio creme. It is a pain to apply though, I used three thin coats but it didn’t level out properly so some parts are thicker on my nail than others. I adore the color, never mind the bad formula!

Sephora by OPI Completely Fern-ished is a really dark algae colored green. It’s very shiny and due to the fact that it is so dark, it is very elegant. I used two coats. 

Sephora by OPI Gleek Out was part of the Glee Collection, obviously. Its a light olive colored polish, which looks almost metallic. I lovelovelove the color. If I wouldn’t only love it for its color, then the golden metallic shimmer would have stolen my heart for sure. 2 coats.


Nicole by OPI Make Mine Lime is a medium grass green polish with intense silver shimmer. I liked the color but I didn’t find it too amazing. 3 coats as the polish is on the sheer side. 

Did you see anything you liked?


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