Revlon Girly_unnamed franken5

Girly Purple


Today I’m showing you another franken I made some time back. I like frankening, but I am super careful about advertising them, because some of them look so gorgeous in the bottle and turn out horrible on the nail. I love the amount of glitter bombs out there by various indie polish makers, but I am also very cautious about buying some of them, as some, not all obviously, are made quickly and not tested long enough. So I only post my frankens after wearing them at least once before, which means at least a couple of weeks of them resting untouched in my polish vault. This particular unnamed franken is one of the ones I’m happy with (I make about 10 finished frankens when I sit down and get creative, and usually one or two make it in my nail polish vault, as the other ones have issues with bleeding or curling glitters, etc), so I wanted to share it.

I used 2 coats of Revlon Girly as a base. Girly is a pastel lavender polish with intense silver shimmer provided by the silver particles in the polish. It dries to a somewhat brushed metallic steel look, this is the best I can describe it. It looks like our kitchen counter :) 

The franken polish itself is a sheer purple (yes, you heard right! I made something purple!) jelly, interspersed with blue, silver and pink hex glitters in various sizes. There are also occasional bar silver glitters in there, but not many. I haven’t worn it on its own, but I assume one would need many coats for it to be opaque. I used two thin coats for the pictures below, and I had no problems applying the glitter, as the base of the polish is rather thick.

What do you think, do you like it?


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