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Love your life, Spirit Child!

When I was sorting out stuff I always try to get rid of some polishes as well – as much as I love them all, there are dupes, and there are the ones that just don’t look good with my skin tone. Long story short, I had once ordered this pretty Spa Ritual Mini called Spirit Child and never wore it. So I thought it might get rid of it, but you know what? Those Spa Ritual polishes hold surprises, What looked like a regular metallic red turned out to be one of the most vibrant, streak-free, glowing-from-the-inside reds I ever wore. Needless to say that this one now has a fixed place in my stash.

I used two coats, and the gold shimmer you can see in the bottle mixes with the red pigment so well, that the whole polish has sort of a glow to it, but it isn’t metallic or streaky. Drying time was surprisingly fast, and Spa Ritual makes it a point to mention that their polish is vegan. (Whatever that means when it comes to a product such as nail polish, but hey, whatever.)

I am super excited to receive the Minnie Mouse polishes in the mail soon, and I can’t wait to layer Nothin’ Mousie ’bout it over Spirit Child. But for now, Love your Life from Nicole by OPI did the trick! I had to fish out the hearts, obviously, and unfortunately the bottle shape from the NOPI bottles doesn’t help. In any case, I love the little hearts somehow, and then there are similar iridescent glitters as the ones from China Glaze Snow globe in the clear base. I used one coats of Love your Life and then I used a toothpick to place the hearts.

I’m sorry to picture spam you, but I absolutely loved this manicure, and hence I made too many pics.


What do you think about the hearts? Too much or cute?

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