YSL la laque 138 (3)

Yellow SPAM

Despite the lack of sunshine outside, it’s Friday and Fridays are happy days. Who doesn’t love the end of the week?

My go-to happy color is yellow. I love yellow shoes and bags and, obviously, yellow nails. Today I am showing you some of the yellows I recently wore.

ANNY Sunshine my heart is a yellow creme, very close to the Van Gogh sunflower yellow. I used two coats of it and it levels out better than other yellows. On my ring finger I am wearing a coat of OPI Lemonade Stand by your Man over one coat of Sunshine my heart. 

essence Wanna be your sunshine (still in the old bottle!) is also a creme yellow, but just a tad lighter than ANNY sunshine my heart. I used 3 thin coats and it was a bit of a pain to apply. Luckily a thick coat of SV made it even and helped with the dry time.

YSL La Laque 138 is from the -I think-  2011 summer collection. It’s a shimmery polish, again a sunflower yellow, and it applies very easily and smoothly. Nothing much to say about it, except that if you are a yellow fan like me, you shouldn’t pass this one up!

Any that you like particularly?

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