nails inc queensgate mews_p2 violet fusion3

Where’s my super soft and warm pullover?

Nails Inc Queensgate Meuws is a dark aubergine/plum creme, super saturated and covers with one coat (if you don’t take pictures, that is. I used two coats.)

Queensgate Meuws is from the Nails Inc winter collection 2 years ago as far as I know, and it is a wonderful winter color. It gives me the same winter-feeling as essie Angora Cardi, which makes me reach for my super soft super large super warm woolen pullover. I was surprised by how well this color goes with my skin tone. I try to avoid warm colors in general as they don’t work very well with my complexion, but this one is apparently just cold enough. I must admit that Nails Inc. started climbing up the ladder to my polish heart some time ago, and their formula seems to get better and better. I think I will invest in Baker Street soon, what do you think?

On my pics Queensgate Meuws looks a bit more brown than in reality, but my camera was being a meanie and didn’t want me to show you great pics. Sorry about that.

I layered P2 Purple Fusion over this manicure after a day, because I became a bit bored. I like Violet Fusion, and I like the combination, but I also start to get over the crackle hype. Hmmm. You?



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