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A quick trip to Innsbruck

Most of you will know about the upcoming Germany collection from OPI for this fall. At this point I feel the need to tell you that I hate the names and luckily for me, the colors aren’t that exciting, so I can happily skip this collection (let’s see how long before I stray from my set path…).

Germany collection set aside, there once was an around the world collection from OPI if I’m not mistaken – it was way before I knew that OPI didn’t only mean grandfather in German – and it included a hideous color called Innsbruck Bronze. I am calling it hideous because it is everything you know I  don’t love: brown, but not chocolate, no, more dulled out, almost nude-ish, streaky, thin, outrageous dry time. But it’s Innsbruck Bronze, and even though I am not from there, I had to have it. 

Since this color is fairly old, it’s not 3-free and it stinks accordingly. The polish itself is too thin, so it runs wherever (you’d need a Dutch dam to stop it!). I used three coats, and the streaks disappear mostly when the polish dries. Drying, btw, takes forever, despite Seche Vite. On my ring finger, I’m wearing two coats of OPI Sparkle-icious. Even though I don’t like colors such as Innsbruck Bronze, I can justify it in two ways: A decent work color like this is good to have, and maybe my taste will change as my birthdays come and go: and, it’s an Austrian polish, and I’m skipping on Germany.

I soon stamped over it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Ruby Rush and Teal-y fast (I mixed the two polishes a bit on the stamping plate, just like you would when making a gradient). One’s gotta love these Insta-Dry polishes for stamping!!


What do you think about this manicure and Innsbruck Bronze?
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