Name me, please!

Today I have a request to all of my now 600 (YAY!!! Thank you so much!) readers – I need a name for this polish of mine!

I recently discovered the fun of mixing glitters and color pigments together, even though I have made some quite ugly looking polishes. This one however is one I liked, so I had to wear it right away. You know how much I love green, but you don’t know yet that my favorite flavor of chocolate and ice cream is mint – and mint was also somewhat my inspiration when I made this polish. In Vienna, we have a chocolate flavor called ‘ After Eight’ (like the candy), and the ice cream is white with little chocolate bits and swirled into it is mint syrup. I love that ice cream!

So this is what I came up with:


Above you see two coats of my franken in daylight. The pictures below are made in the lightbox, which makes the polish look a little bit softer. The green shimmery base is filled with differently sized white glitters and small green hexagons. There is also the occasional light blue bar glitter, but they don’t show up very well in the base, they just add a bit of sparkle here and there.


So, what do you think? Do you have any ideas for names?

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14 responses to “Name me, please!

  1. Now I crave After Eight.

    Your franken is gorgeous. I’d call it Mintflakes because the white glitter reminds me of snowflakes.

  2. It looks like the magical swedish forests – all green and wonderful little white flowers! Beautiful polish, you created. :)

  3. what about “After Eight”?

  4. Unicorn Clover!!!!!

  5. the polish is gorgeous … and now, i’m totally craving some ‘after eight’ ice cream – sounds amazingly delish!

  6. That is gorgeous! What about Minty Fresh for the name? :)

  7. how about Green Goddess?

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