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When there was a time, all the purples weren’t enough

Sometimes I feel like the polishes that are available aren’t enough – that’s when I decided to sit down with my nail polish freak group, B., T. and A., and we make our own polishes. Most of the times we make something, the polishes turn out nice in our heads, but the realization of the color we think of is different than what we wanted it to be. But sometimes, it’s just what we want them to be like, and the polish I am going to show you today is one of them.

My super sweet swap partner M. (who I’ve been swapping with constantly for over a year now) loves purple and glitters. There are so many glitters available now and so many purples, but I wanted to make something for her that is available only once, so I made her this purple polish with large golden and smaller blue hex glitters. I don’t like using existing colors, so I made it from scratch. I used two coats for the pics below.

I’m happy how this turned out, and I think it is indeed something different! It’s a bit bumpy of course, because if the large glitters, but a layer of topcoat will seal it nicely and make it an even surface. In different light, the purple looks almost blue.

Do you also create your own polishes sometimes?

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