Glossybox June

As the holiday season draws closer and the cities heat up, almost everyone dreams of sandy beaches and the cool sea. Glossybox picked up a sea/vacation theme this month, and hence the box this month is beige and sandy, and the wrapping is blue. Nice!

The products in the box were chosen to prepare us perfectly to enjoy the hot weather – at least that’s what the card promises. Let’s see what’s in the box…

Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamin & Extract Peeling. Well, not to bad to have an extra peeling. Smells fresh.

Sans Soucis One Apple A Day Face Mask. Smells nice, but considering the tube is rather small, I won’t be able to tell if it really smoothens my skin and flattens out wrinkles (…).

Origins Modern Friction Peeling and La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere Face Lotion. I tried the Origins facial cream some weeks back and got the worst spots and rash on my face. I stay away from Origins as far as I can. I do have some friends who swear by it, so that’s where this try-out tube of Peeling will end up. The Roche Posay lotion is a welcome travel sized version of one of the lotions I use anyways for my overly sensitive (bitchy) skin. If you like this one best, your local pharmacy should be able to supply you with one of them to try it out. You can get those for free easily!

Alessandro Nail Polish in Happy Pink – it’s the smaller Alessandro nail polish size which I find a bit difficult to handle because the top is squared and big and the brush is a bit small. Some Alessandro polishes are spot on, but this one is rather boring. It’s a bubblegum pink, which is not the summer color, and it is a tad too warm for me too. As it is a pastel creme, the application is a bit tricky, so you best use two coats (like I did in the picture). Unfortunately, these pinks give me lobster hands. After mauve and purple last month,  I would have preferred a mint green for this month’s box; it’s the summer color at least!

L’oréal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Eyeshadow quad. I received the browns and neutral shades, which I don’t use much. I must admit thought that I already looked at the Eyeshadow quads in our local drugstore and I love the design. If I’d have gotten more vibrant colors, I  personally would’ve been more happy. 

Overall, this box isn’t the most exiting one for me. I find the travel sized lotions and peelings handy, they are perfect to take with on vacation, as is the eyeshadow quad. The nail polish is meh, as I think the Glossybox team’s picks are too safe. The full sized Clearasil peeling is nice, as it’s always good to have something like that in the house.

What was in your box? How do you like it?


I received this box for free from the Glossybox PR Team.

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6 thoughts on “Glossybox June

  1. Ugh. I just signed up for US glossy box and I hope mine is better than this. Two exfoliators? Boring pink? CLEARASIL? Girlfriend, please.

    • Haha yeah I didn’t want to say it like that but you’re right. And the eyeshadow palette doesn’t make up for it either. But the US Glossybox just launched, right? Ours was nice for say, 3-4 month! :)

  2. Admittedly this was the first box I haven’t really been happy with (the past three boxes were pretty good IMHO but obviously tastes differ). Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against face/body care products, but … FIVE different ones!? I would have hoped for a wilder mix :-( maybe a perfume sample with a summery scent and/or some sunscreen. Now that would have made for a nice summer box!

  3. My first US Glossybox came in the mail today – and I like it!!! Totally different items (gladly!!) – I got Beauty Additct – Show-OFF Mascara, large size for a sample, not quite full size, First Aid Beauty – Smooth Shave Cream, again a nice size for a sample, will be able to use it a couple times. Kinerase – Restructure Firming Cream, regular sample size, one or two uses. Shea Terra Organics – Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme, the smell is Burbon Vanilla and I LOVE it!! It’s in a tub instead of a tube which is not my favorite, but I love the smell so much, I don’t care! Wella Professionals – Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for fine hair – this will going to my mom as I don’t have fine hair. Lastly is a sample of A Perfume Organic in the Urban Organic scent – it smells nice in the sample, we’ll see how well it wears.

    • you’re lucky! the glossy boxes have been quite fun so far, and it’s nice to see what they put in the boxes for different countries. Sometimes the products are great, and sometimes they’re more meh – like this month was for me.

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