OPI conga-line coral_Impala Sex Appeal (5)

Conga-line Coral has Sex Appeal

OPI Conga-line Coral is a polish that was released in their South Beach Collection in 2009. All the colours from that collection were somewhat safe, but none were super awesome stand-out shades. From the same collection, I own Miami Beet.

Conga-line Coral is a very pink/red coral, nice shimmer and all, but nothing that excites me too much. I wore it a couple of times and now it went to my fleamarket box! 2 coats.

above: daylight, below: artificial light, no flash.

I decided that this would be the perfect base for Impala Sex Appeal. Impala is a brazilian brand, like HITS, and they make beautiful duochromes and flakies. Sex appeal is a duochrome that shifts from gold to bright pink, which I like very very much! 1 coat over Conga-line Coral.

Do you prefer the darker or the lighter duochromes?

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