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Haaaave you met … artdeco?

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I don’t think I’ve ever shown you anything from artdeco. The polishes have never appealed to me and the bottles seemed rather small for the selling price, and somewhat old-school in a grandparents-way.

Well, I was on a shopping spree sometime back and a set of two polishes from artdeco found it’s way into my shopping basket, so I’d like to show them to you today.

First: artdeco 291 – the polishes have numbers, not names. I’ve forgiven both KIKO and Inglot for that, but I haven’t quite forgiven OPI for their *§”$$%&$%/(&W§’%&*$%’ naming of the Germany polishes (fall collection), so I’m more than happy with numbers at the moment. artdeco 291 is a auburn red color, which gets darker the more coats one applies. artdeco calls their polishes ceramic lacquer, which I can somehow understand as they dry to a look which can be best described as the look of perfectly glazed porcelain. I’d consider 291 to be a glassfleck. 2 coats, and I must say I was deeply impressed by the flawless and easy application. The first picture was taken in the shade, the second one with flash.

Because I bought a duo set, there is another artdeco polish I can show you today: 294. This is a somewhat unusual color, as it is light gold with pink/lavender glassfleck particles. I was positively surprised, because in the bottle it looked like something I’d wear afterI reached my 60th birthday, but it is totally wearable and elegant! 2 coats, and some more admiration for the artdeco formula.

All in all I have to admit I was surprised by artdeco. Have you tried any of their polishes?

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