magnetix red3

Drawn to magnetix!

Magnetics are the ant’s pants this season. I have no idea if I use this expression right, but I have to use it for two reasons: 1.) the dictionary told me it was right and 2.) it’s hilarious.

So. Stop Laughing. Ant’s pants. Yes. Magnetics.

These magnetic polishes are from ICING. I haven’t been able to identify a name on them, so due to lack of that I’m calling them “blue” and “red.” Creative, no?

What I’ve learned from playing around with my magnetic polishes is, that you have to apply one regular coat and let it dry thoroughly; alternatively you can use a non-magnetic polish as a first coat. Then, apply the second coat of magnetic polish quickly and rather thick, hold the magnet over it for at least 10 seconds and wait for the design to show up. try not to hold the magnet too far away, as the pattern won’t show up nicely, but don’t hold it so close that you make dips into the design.

I tried various patterns and sofar the magnet from the Layla magnetics is my favourite, followed by the KIKO star shaped magnet.

This is ICING “red”:

This is ICING “blue”, where I tried the wave pattern. Doesn’t work very well for me…

Do you think magnetics are cool or just some fancyschmancy stuff used to up nail polish sales?


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2 thoughts on “Drawn to magnetix!

  1. I love magnetic polishes. I’ve even stumbled across a blog in which someone explained how you can make your own patterned magnets out of fridge magnets and I can’t wait to try it out.
    Out of these two, the red one doesn’t look that special to me, but the blue one is rather pretty.

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