essence snowwhite LE_the huntsman over snow white

essence Snow White LE

7 little dwarfs, 1 ‘taller’ Snow White and 3 princes? In the eyes of cosnova (the company producing essence nail polishes) Snow White must have been quite a woman. Even though she slept for a considerable amount of her story!

**Beware: this is a long post. There are manymanymany pics!*

Before I bore you with my thoughts on life, the universe and everything (to which the answer is, as you all know, 42), let’s see what the colors are from this collection!

Happy is yellow, which I totally understand because yellow makes me happy too. This one is a bit too sunflowerish to be my exact taste but never the less. Yellow! 2 coats.

Grumpy is everything but. The polish is a bright vivid Yves Klein blue and above that it’s rather squshy and jelly-ish, so it shines like crazy. Good work, essence!! 2 coats.

Doc. Orange Creme, 2 coats, easy application, totally average color. (Sorry for my super red hands, but the camera was being a diva and didn’t want to show the color of the polish accurate unless it could make my hands bright red.)

Dopey is a lavender creme with silver glitter. 2 coats; it’s a bit sheer so 2 coats is the minimum I’d apply. Nothing fancy, but definitely created with more creativity than other dwarfs.

Sleepy is cute, even though it’s an average light blue creme. 2 coats.

Bashful is a forest green creme with tiny golden shimmer flakes in it. 2 coats, application was easy. Super pretty color!

Sneezy is a medium brown, as we’ve seen in the past from essence. A bit of glitter in there, but nothing amazing. Again, 2 coats.

And now…. Snow White! A super regular, totally common medium red,  I’d call it TSER (totally standard essence red). Nice, but if you have bought one in the past, you might consider buying this only because of the name and collection. 2 coats (of utter boredom, even though the red fits the theme.).

I somehow couldn’t pass on the opportunity to wear and write this: The Huntsman over Snow White.  I know, I know. The Huntsman is a glitter topper, something essence does pretty damn welland it consists of small round golden and larger golden hex glitters in a clear base with the occasional golden/iridiscent shred mixed through it. I like!

 Prince Charming (here shown over Grumpy) is another glitter topper, small holographic glitters and light blue hex glitters in a clear base. Nice too.

Evil Queen reminds me of a certain color club nail polish, but I just can’t come up with the name. It’s large purple hex glitters in a clear base, rather chunky looking and not that special all together. Shown here over Sleepy.

Did you hunt down some of the dwarfs, princes or Snow White herself?

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9 thoughts on “essence Snow White LE

    • phew… well you can try the Müllers – best bet would be to call them in advance. I’ve seen some polishes left over at the Müller in Simmering, but I don’t know if they still have them :) Good Luck!

  1. Not really breathtaking, but I think this collection is more interesting than the one available here. I like Prince Charming and Evil Queen. The Huntsman over Snow White looks Christmassy.

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