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I went to Poland and I got…

Before I forget: Have you entered one of my Giveaways yet? My Giveaway extravaganza is still open for another 6 days, and you can win absurdly much, thanks to some awesome nail polish makers who gifted some of the prizes. Oh and you can click any of the underlined words, as there are 7 Giveaways, and each link will take you to one of them.

…..a ton of stuff. I had been saving up so I could splurge at the Inglot store and get whatever I want – and that’s what I did. So today I’d like to share with you my purchases from a short trip to Cracow.

Firstly, I bought a bazillion  back-ups of my favourite foundation and powder. They are super uninteresting as they are exactly what they promise to be, namely foundation and powder. Both come in the colour of my face, so that’s really functional.

Then I wanted to fill up the MAC palette I bought a while back. I knew that the round Inglot eyeshadows would fit in there, so I figured I could do a little mix-and-matching. Thanks to my awesome drawing skills, I managed to draw little arrows to the eyeshadows that are from Inglot. The round eyeshadow refills were 10zloty each, which is around 2,5 €.

I also bought a ton of nail polish, some of them are for me, some of them are for my dear swap friends M. and M. I found a wibo polish in pink with blue glitter (!!), some coral polishes, PUPA holographic in teal, and 3 new friends from Inglot. 

I found some wibo polishes in rose-shaped bottles, a Max factor fantasy fire, wibo so matte polishes, lovely color mania by wibo, and 4 IsaDoras which were on sale, and I love IsaDoras, so I decided to take them with too.

 I also bought a new blush – I currently keep my Inglot blushes in my Inglot travel palette, where I can just add three eyeshadows to take with me – which is awesome. It is bright!! (PS: the new one is in the middle…!)

For the sake of thoroughness and completeness, this is my Inglot eyeshadow palette with earlier acquisitions.

Are you as much a fan of Inglot as I am? Or do you have a different “go-to” cosmetic brand? Let me know!

As an afterthought, I would like to add that I seem to have rather obvious colour preferences when it comes to eyeshadows. Hmmm. Also, I just remembered that I bought a lipgloss and a lipstick too, would you like to see them? Also, do you want me to show you some colours in detail?

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