More Magnetics? Flormar Magnetics?!

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Heck, yes! After I finally figured out how to use magnetics, I can’t stop playing with them. I actually just swatch them to play with the magnet. I don’t know how many of you had one of those science kits, but mine came with a whole bunch of magnets one could play with, and I must admit I loved them.  So obviouslyI’m loving those magnetic polishes!

The other day I passed by the flormar stand here in Vienna (infos here) and I saw that they had magnetic polishes in their display so I grabbed three of them and ran home to try them out. I picked a red, a blue and a glittery grey, and I must say I love them all. They were something around 4 or 5 €, which is okay I guess. The colours are nice and I really like the polishes; except the magnets, which I don’t like the least bit so I made all those swatches with the striped magnet from layla or the wavy magnet from China Glaze. 

EDIT: I found a post on Lacquer Buzz, and she removed the flormar magnet from the weird little holding device, and it appears to work much better. Check it out for details here!

MG05 is the red magnetic polish. I applied it once without using the magnet, and then I applied a second coat using the wavy  magnet. The pattern formed quickly, but it only stays if you hold the magnet for 10-15 seconds. The effect is pretty strong and I like the contrast of the dark and light red stripes a lot. I turned the magnet 90 degrees on each finger to see what patterns it could produce.

MG08 is the charcoal glittery polish. Out of the three magnetics, I liked this one the best. I applied it just like the red one using the magnet only for the second coat of polish. I used the striped magnet from my Layla magnetic polish for this pattern. I recently read about some depend magnetic polishes to come out and I think that this grey glittery magnetic looks similar to the depend one. Maybe I’ll get my hands on it, then I can compare them for you. 

MG06 is the blue magnetic polish. Again I applied it twice, using the wavy magnet. The design formed easily and clearly but it didn’t want to stay all nice and crisp. I have to say that I don’t mind it too much except for the design on my ring finger.  

So what do you think of the flormar magnetics? Or have you had enough of magnetic polishes already?

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4 thoughts on “More Magnetics? Flormar Magnetics?!

  1. Oh, I so envy you right now. I’ve ordered number 5 and number 8 but never got them because the importer for my country has changed and the former one didn’t have any more of them. I haven’t tried them, but I do like their colours.
    My fave magnetic polish right now is by local brand Aura. They’ve launched magnetic line only recently and I had to have at least one because their colours are awesome and unusual. Magnet is not that good, but the polish is and I’ve already had great magnet from my Golden Rose polish. I don’t know if you’ve tried Golden Rose magnetic polishes. I recommend them.

      • I could get the Flormars, only not the colours I wanted :( They we’re sold out. And the new importer has doubled the prices so we’re boycotting them (the importer, not the brand).
        I’m from Serbia. I don’t know if you’d be interested in a swap. I could send you Golden Rose polishes and maybe some of the local brands.
        Aaaaand I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your swatches and reviews.

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