Sparitual Knowledge is power5

How I wore it: SpaRitual Knowledge is Power

So, today you’re in for a treat! I’m showing you SpaRitual Knowledge is Power, which is a mindblowing Pink Neon Awesomeness Creme, or in short, PiNeAwCr. Please disregard my love to shorten things senselessly, it’s a weakness which has followed me since childhood.

Back to SpaRitual Knowledge is Power. Apart from the fact that I agree, the colour is to die for. It applies like butter, dries super quick and with a suede finish, stays on without chipping for 3 days (can you imagine, I wore the same colour for 3 days! Without messing with it!), and shines like the reflectors on my bike. I love it. A lot. 2 coats.

Above: daylight. Below: artificial light, no flash.

And this is how I wore it: with short pants from Target that I bought in Australia last year, a sweater/tshirt thing from H&M (you know one of those things that’s too thin to be a sweater but to warm for a t-shirt) and a BIG smile.

See how much the pink pops once the light is a bit low?

So what do you all say, isn’t this pink totally awesomely amazingly great?!
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