Essence TE A new League

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MAC comes out with a Hey, Sailor! LE, essence doesn’t want to be inferior, so what theme to pick for their Spring/early summer collection? Schoolgirls/preppy stuff. The colours are more or less interchangeable and instead 0f stripes, one uses chequers. Maybe MAC and essence should merge, as they bring out new collections every other day and they seem to pretty much think alike, themes and themed packaging and all.

Despite my hatred of uniformity when it comes to human beings (and, especially, their clothes!), I have a deep love for matching boxes/packaging/forms in general. So I must admit that essence really pulled that off with this new TE “A new league”, because all the caps of the polish bottles are white, but one coloured stripe that indicated the colour of the polish contained in the bottle. Very puristic and straigt forward design – nicely done!

On to the colours: They aren’t the most unique or exciting. Essence sometimes brings out spot on perfect polishes, in terms in formula as well as in terms of creativity, and then sometimes I think their creative team is on vacation and the doorman decides on the colours (no offence intended – to doormen!).  This collection has two polishes we’ve seen in the previous 50’s Girls reloaded collection from last year.

First up: My retro jacket’s red. It is the same as Back to the 50’s. 2 coats of a jelly-ish red, with a little VNL. A good red, but not as pretty as Footloose  by deborah lippmann.

Then we have Oh de prep, which I find a funny name, but a horrid colour. I just really don’t like browns. If however, you’re a fan of brown nail polish, this one has a subtle golden shimmer to it and applies flawlessly in tow coats. So, if you like brown, this is a very good choice.

The blue in this collection again seems to be a re-release. It turned out slightly to purple-tinted on these pictures. It is a nice blue, but very very similar to I’m a marine girl. 2 coats.

Last but not least there is a green creme in this collection. Tommy’s favourite green is a medium green creme, but what’s the reference to? Tommy Hilfiger? That would be the only Tommy coming to mind who designs green sweaters? Help me out please? 2 coats. Oh, and a pretty green – easy application, nice look and all.

What do you think about this collection? Anything you like?

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4 responses to “Essence TE A new League

  1. This collection won’t be available in my county, and I won’t miss it. From the swatches it seems to be a bit boring. I already have about a dozen red polishes, all of which seem to be more vibrant than this one. I don’t like browns, especially not these milk chocolate sort of shades. This blue shade does looks nice and vibrant, but blue just isn’t my colour. Green creme? Not my cup of tea. I might consider buying this shade in metallic version.

    Thank you for the swatches.

  2. My wallet thanks I don’t like anything in this collection!

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