OPI Skull&Glossbones_SOPI A color that cant be tamed_Hits Hefesto_stamped (4)

How I wore it: OPI Skull & Glossbones stamped

Today I have another How I wore it post for you. It is a longer, picture heavy post, because it took me sometime to get my manicure where I wanted it to be – also it’s the product of a couple of days, as I kept adding layers!

I started off with two coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones, which is a chalky light gray creme. (My picture here is a tad too warm)Then – meaning, a day after – I added a layer of SOPI A color that can’t be tamed. I wore A color that can’t be tamed on its own, but it is rather sheer, so I prefer t layered. It’s one of those colors that I like to layer over my current manicure if I get bored of it.The next day, I felt something more flashy was needed, so I went ahead and layered one coat of Hits Hefesto over it. Hefesto is a sheer holographic topcoat, which means that you can layer it over anything, adding holographic effect but changing the underlying basecolor only minimally.

And on day 4 I decided to stamp over all those coats of nail polish.

I’m wearing that with a cardigan from review and a dress from tezenis, which i got on sale :) I love sale-shopping! Don’t you?

So, what do you think? Do you also have some tricks up your sleeve to make a manicure last longer? Or do you just remove the nail polish if you get bored?

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3 thoughts on “How I wore it: OPI Skull & Glossbones stamped

  1. Well it looks fantastic!!! I don’t think I ever have any polish on for 4 days though! I would have had to do everything all at once lol!!!!

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