models own tickled pink (10)

How I wore it: Models Own Tickled Pink

I don’t know how to describe this polish. It is paradise. I love the pink. I love the metallic/foily look of it. I loved the application (2 coats), the longevity (forever unless removed), the shine, the shade of pink…. I’d like to send a smooch to my friend M. for getting me this one!

Unbelievable, that I wasn’t sure if I would like this one. Meh, actually, believable. It looks much less awesome in the bottle.

Before I forget: This is Models Own Tickled Pink. Write it down. Or just buy it immediately. You haven’t worn pink before you wear this, trust me.

above: daylight, below: artificial light, no flash (ick, much too red!)below: flash

And, how did I wear it? With a pullover from WE that has stripes in a matching pink. I wore this exact same combination about 6 times this winter… that’s how much I like it!

And, because I can, I stamped over it after a day, using an image from the Konad m73 plate. I’ve been using this image a lot lately, it is so pretty and girly and still subtle enough to be worn to work.

How do you wear hot pink like Tickled Pink?

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