Your weekly dose of Holo: Glitter Gal Bruised Ego

Glitter Gal Bruised Ego – a medium purple holographic polish for this week’s Saturday. Ok, bruised = purple, but why ego? Maybe I think too much about nail polish names…

2 coats of Bruised Ego give you one fine holographic manicure. I feel towards Purple as I feel towards chamber music. I accept its existance, but I’d rather not go anywhere near it. Nevertheless, the holographic effect is to me as if I had a Mojito in my hand (whenever I’d be in a chamber music situation). Enough about me, onto the pictures!

above: all in direct sunlight. ah, the beauty!
and below: a picture in daylight, but no direct sun – still quite amazing, isn’t it?

So, what do you think? Do we need more Glitter Gals?

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5 responses to “Your weekly dose of Holo: Glitter Gal Bruised Ego

  1. Stephanie Barnet

    Looks beautiful on you! Sent you an email. :)

  2. This is just wow! I love it! It’s a darker purple than any I’ve seen yet I think. And Glitter Gal has a lot of darker colours than the “usual” holos. If they weren’t so expensive I would definitely grab a lot of them!

  3. Sigggh….. So pretty!

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