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Pink Wednesday: Joe Fresh Magenta

Fun story: I told my friend K. that if she visits Canada, she must go to a Joe Fresh store, because I received those lovely polishes from Rebecca. So she went there and apparently loved the store so much, that she even brought me a t-shirt to say thank you. How cute is that!

The polish, yes. I’m like an old lady sometimes, brabbling along, forgetting why you came here (no offense to elderly people!). This is a nail polish by Joe Fresh called Magenta. Pretty much on the spot naming, if you ask me, as it is pink and the shade can indeed be called Magenta. It is very squishy looking and almost jelly like, very vivid and I think it looks pretty cute even on nubbins!

I used 2 coats, and you can see the nail line a bit, but it isn’t too noticeable.

above: daylight.below: artificial light, no flashbelow: flash

I decided to layer color club candy cane over it. Candy Cane is a pink glitter; actually it is differenct shades of pink. I think I can spot some silver and holographic glitter in there as well, but it might be an optical illusion. One coat.above: daylight.below: artificial light, no flashbelow: flash


What do you think? Too much glitter for the short nails, or is there never enough glitter for you?

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4 thoughts on “Pink Wednesday: Joe Fresh Magenta

  1. I think glitter is perfect for short nails! If you have long nails and do the glitter thing on all your nails, sometimes it’s a bit toooooo much. But yours look super nice!


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