zoya adina (5)

The Green Flash

It’s a shame I didn’t review Zoya Adina on my blog before. I have had this polish right from the beginnig of my nail polish craze, and I have not worn it enough.

I’m so fond of the green flash in polishes, I don’t even mind that Adina’s base colour is purple!

Somehow the greyish purple with the green flash reminds me of spilt oil on the street. I used to love looking at oil when I was a kid! Weird, huh?

Anyways, Adina is rather sheer but builds well. On the pictures you see 3 coats. I used SV as a topcoat which dries Zoyas quicker than their in-house topcoat, but it also shrinks the polishes.

Above: daylight. Below you can see a picture of Adina with flash:and one pic in artificial light:

What do you think? Do you also love the green flash? I feel like The Green Flash is a superhero in my nail polish bottles!

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