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Sometimes, I am postively surprised

I have a polish today that I’d like to show you because of the quality of it. The colour is nice and vibrant and perfect for summer, but not all that unique.

The quality of the polish however surprised me. I ordered Models Own Pro Hot Salmon in a set from It came with a cute pastel yellow and a bright pink. Hot salmon is a coral-red if you ask me. I applied one coat of this and it looked like that:I have never before experienced such good coverage and even application with just one coat, especially if the colour was a bright coral/red. The colour lasted for several days without chips, and I finally removed it because I wanted to wear something else, not because it looked any less good.

I was also surprised that all my three Models Own polishes smell faintly like Vanilla when dry. I hate the heavy vanilla smell, but this is just a faint smell, so it is nicer than regular polish smell. I think.

Above you see Models Own Pro Hot Salmon in daylight, below I used flash:

Artsy fartsy picture I took after day (I think) 5. I have a bit of shrinkage because of my old gloopy SV.

Have you tried Models Own Pro yet? Does it happen to you too, that you try something, don’t expect much but then the thing you tried positivly surprises you?

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