American Apparel Downtown LA_Spoiled Shuffle the Deck (7)

Downtown Shuffle

Oh no! American Apparel Downtown LA let me down. After only ~20 hours of wearing this beautiful medium red creme, it chipped. It chippedbadlyto be precise. And I wasn’t even doing anything special, e.g., chopping down trees, or scrubbing floors with my bare hands or anything like it.

I had to  make a picture to show you how bad it was, although it is a sad picture; please disregard my drawing skills. I mainly crop pictures, so I’m not too skilled in computer drawings!

So, only for you, I repaired this manicure – also, because I really enjoyed this red; it’s creamy, glossy, and makes me happy.

Above: Daylight. Below: Artificial light, no flashBelow: Flash

I recently did a swap with Jacqui from The Scholarly Nail, and she sent me Spoiled Shuffle the Deck – it was a surprise, and I like it a lot! Shuffle the Deck is a glitter topcoat, which has silver, black and red round glitters in a clear base. It looks very Alice in Wonderland over red!

Above: Daylight. Below: Artificial light, no flashBelow: Flash

What do you think about glack glitter? Do you find it weird or pretty?

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4 thoughts on “Downtown Shuffle

  1. I love black glitter :) I was so happy when I finally found Nubar black polka dot, I just had to have black glitter :)
    And I also hate it when a polish chips so fast :( horrible!

  2. Ugh super bummer that the AA chipped so quickly! But yay for the spoiled glitter! I’m so glad you like it =) I’m a huge fan of black glitter, I’m glad to see more companies using it lately.

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