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Glossybox in March

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Glossybox is coming to the U.S. as well soon – let’s see what was hidden in our Glossybox this month, so you can be excited for your own soon!After the outrage last month that the prices had to be adapted, this Glossybox seems to try to smooth ruffled feelings. There is  nail file, an eyeshadow, a thermal water spray, a sunlotion, a shower gel, a hair oil and a bath salt; so all in all 7 products to try, which means there are more products than in the previous Glossyboxes (want to see them? here and here).

Let’s get down to business!

The nail file. Well, one can’t have enough nail files, if you ask me. It is designed to make your nails all smooth and shiny, and just now on Twitter I was informed, that it makes your nails so smooth, your nail polish will glide right off. I’ll have to see that for myself!

ArtDeco Eyeshadow in 29 Pearly Light Beige. I thought that was going to be an eyeshadow quad but obviously it isn’t. It is an incentive to buy a palette, so you can click this lonesome little eyeshadow in your new palette. Luckily for me, everyone has magnetized refills these days, so this one could mingle with my other eyeshadows! ArtDeco eyeshadow refills hold 0,8gramm and costs 5,3€ in their original size.

tiroler nussöl sunlotion and Avène Eau Thermal Spray for sensitive skin – both super handy. I love the thermal spray – it’s great for summer when it gets really hot and all you want to do is take a dive. Instead, you can just take out your spray, put some water in your face and feel refreshed. Make sure not to do it in public, because I can tell you from experience that people will think you’re crazy. About the sunlotion: it smells good, but not like coconut (which I hate), but just like regular sunlotion. I don’tknow what else to tell you as it is sunlotion, but if you have doubts about which one to buy, buy this one, as it is an Austrian product.

Also to be found in this Glossybox is a bath salt from Saint Charles Cosmetics, called Lily of the Valley. I can’t pinpoint the smell of it, but it does smell very clean. It’s not exactly my kind of smell, but hey, that’s supposed to happen when you get 7 random products to try. The full size version of this is rather pricey, 18,8€ for half a kilo. I didn’t have time to take a bath yet, so I can’t tell you much more about it. And then there is the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle, which is a hair oil to be used after washing your hair. I guess it’s one of those products that is supposed to make your hair healthy and shiny without weighing it down. I have tried multiple hair oils, from regular coconut oil from India (brrr coconut; but you can cook with it too!) to Maroccan Hair Oil. I believe in Oil Cures for the hair (as in, leaving it in overnight), but so far I haven’t given other hair oil a chance. Should I?

My absolute favourite product of this Glossybox is, however, the KORRES Basil Lemon Showergel. Give me any product that smells like Basil, Lemon, Lime, Mint – I’m yours. My favourite showergel ever is from Original Source and smells like Lime. Obviously I can’t get it here. While the Korres shower gel doesn’t smell as intensive as the Original Source one, it might be a good substitute. I showered once so far using this, and Iam debating investing in it. It is 9,8€ for 250ml in it’s original size.

All in all, I was positively surprised in the Glossybox – again. I assume it is difficult to keep being innovative and bringing new products to the customers. On the other hand, I have the feeling that the boxes are directed at an older clientele, because of the products. All of them are very safe choices; bath salt, shower gel, hair oil…. the eyeshadow is also a very safe colour, so you basically can’t go wrong from there.
For the future I would wish for some more daring boxes; maybe some products from more innovative companies, like Illamasqua (I’d scream with joy if I had an Illamasqua product in my box, I can promise you that), Kryolean, tarte, Smashbox, GOSH, …. well, you name it. I think that by focusing on the “younger” customers, Glossybox would be able to build up a longer lasting regular clientele, even though the prices (14€ excluding sending/month) have been jacked up quite a bit.

What do you think about the contents of the March Glossybox? Will you order one?

*I received this product for free from the company*

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