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s-he summer colours

I recently received three of the new spring colours from the DM in-house brand s-he to try and review.

I didn’t get around swatching all three, so I have two of them for you today! May I present the s-he polishes in the beautiful sounding names of 183 and 279. *dripping sarcasm alert*

Let’s start with the bottle. s-he changed their whole style of packaging last year, and they came up with a Lego-like system. The eyeshadows look like one building brick, the nail polishes look like three building bricks, etc. The nail polish cap however is white plastic, and once taken off is impossible to screw on again in such a way that it isn’t in some kind of distorted angle to the bottle. meh. I like my stuff in order. Additionally, the white plastic cap adds an incredibly cheap look to the bottle design, which I actually would find nice otherwise.
I haven’t had very good experiences with the formula of those polishes in the past, so I was very interested in trying the new colours; secretly I was hoping for some formula improvement!

183 is a very vivid orange toned red. It is a wonderful summer colour! For these swatches I used 3 coats. I have a couple of complaints; first, the bristles of the brush are horrible. The brush itself seems to have no particular shape, which makes the application annoyingly difficult. Secondly, the first coat dries super quick, but the second coat seems to soften the first (dry) coat again, so I had quite some dragging issues. Thirdly, the colour dries with a satin finish, and it really doesn’t look good, but rather horribly flat and boring. I didn’t add any topcoat, so you’d be able to see it in the pictures. However, the s-he website advertises the summer colours as “quick-dry” nail polishes, so I assume to get them to dry quicker, they did add some matte pigment and that’s how they came to this finish. Not sure if it was a mistake or not.
I hope that it is mainly my skin chemistry that makes it so utterly impossible for me to like the s-he polishes, but I have heard other people complain as well.If however, you are able to use them properly, I think they are rather on the lower end of the spectrum regarding prices (2,45€ for a bottle; I don’t know how much is in there), hence more affordable than other brands.

Nevertheless; s-he 183, inside my lightbox. The colour of the polish is accurate, the colour of my fingers isn’t really – I still have to figure out how I can change my camera settings so both will be colour accurate!

And the second polish I was sent: s-he 279,  a periwinkle blue – Think China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, but a bit lighter, and less cool (as in, the tone of the polish. It is a warmer shade!). And of course, a hell of a lot more flat looking.

For fun, I decided to add this artsy picture I made while playing with the camera settings and the background of my lightbox:

All in all, my verdict is this: the colours are nice, but far from being unique. I like them, and would advice someone who doesn’t care much about nail polish to buy some of the s-he summer colours. If, however, you’re easily annoyed by bad application and you already own high-end polishes (and that does include China Glaze, OPI, etc) and you’re spoiled by good application, I’d advise you to stay off them. On the other hand, if you’re insecure about a colour, if it will fit you, if you will wear it, etc, then you might want to invest in a cheaper nail polish like one of the above first. And lastly, if you’re totally into the satin finishes and you haven’t  felt the need to buy a matte topcoat, those might also be an option for you.

These products were sent to me free of charge.

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2 thoughts on “s-he summer colours

  1. I can’t remember my 279 drying satin, I’ll watch out for that next time I put it. and formula for me is terrible it’s so runny and leaves bald spots, but I really like the color

    • Like I said, I wasn’t very happy with the formula either. My polish wasn’t flooding my cuticles; I rather had the feeling it was too thick! But then the brush randomly droppef polish on my nails, so I had it everywhere in the end… catastrophe!

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