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Fresh Wave

You haven’t heard of Joe Fresh yet? Well, then you must be an Austrian Reader of mine! Honestly, I had no idea what Joe Fresh was until the nail polishes were mentioned and I received some in a swap with R. Before that, I associated “Joe Fresh” with Orange juice. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.

Well, enough about my weird associations – this is Joe Fresh Wave Vague. I think it might me a reference to Chanel Nouvelle Vague? Correct me if I’m wrong.

EDIT: This polish is called either “wave” or “vague”. Since Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand, I should’ve realized. Please excuse my ignorance….

I used two coats for this spot-on perfect baby blue. It is exactly the kind of baby blue my collection was still lacking, and it saved me shelling out 25€ for one of the Chanel Jeans polishes. Lucky me!

above: daylight. Below: artificial light, no flashBelow: flash

It isn’t a perfect creme polish, as there is this teensy weensy bot of shimmer in there, but for categorizations sake we can call it a creme. Agreed?

Of course, I had to layer something over it after a day or two. You all know me by now. If it isn’t pink, it can’t be left alone. I chose to layer Color Club Platinum Record over it – one of the many silver glitters that have been released recently. I quite like the combination!

above: daylight. Below: artificial light, no flashBelow: flash

So, what do you think? Hot or not?

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6 thoughts on “Fresh Wave

  1. i’m pretty sure it is a homage to Nouvelle Vague but the name of this is just Wave (or Vague in french!) all their bottles have english and french name on them. it confused marcy too!
    i love this color :) and it looks great with the silver!

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