Catrice Shake it flake it

Catrice Million Styles LE

So, finally I got around posting the swatches of the Catrice Million Styles Topcoats! There was apparently a difficulty in delivery to Austria, so only two stores ever received them (so far), and I was lucky enough to be at the right store at the right time – my swap partner’s wishes are my command….

Anyhow. Before I start getting chatty and talking waaaaay too much, let’s see some polish! I used 1 coat of the Catrice polish over black. They are all too sheer to be used alone (topcoats…), that’s why. I used the wet’n’wild Black Creme as a base, which I recently received in a swap, and which is awesome for stamping too! All the pics are made in my lightbox – I’m getting around the lightsettings and what have you, so I hope you like the pics. If you have any complaints/suggestions/compliments you’d like me to know about, be sure to leave me a comment!

Catrice No Smoke Without Fire. Obviously, I swatched this one over white. It’s a “smoky” topcoat, just like the one from the essence LE Re-mix your Style. It’s somehow streaky, but glossy, and it reminds me of Zombie nails, as in, something you’d wear for Halloween. I swatched it over yellow and pink as well, but it does absolutely nothing for me. I think it’s weird.

 Catrice Return of the Space Cowboys. On the left: 3 coats by itself, middle: over white, right: over black. I don’t know what to think about this. It’s too dark to be a layering polish only, but yet to sheer to be worn on its own. The blue sparkle is also very apparant in this polish, so I don’t really understand why it has to be in such a sheer but dark base… Well, I guess not everything has to be made exactly for me… *sigh* (in case someone was wondering: that was sarcasticly meant!)

Well. Also not super-new or exciting, but still pretty: Catrice Shake it Flake it. I like it. Still. I don’t wear flakies much, but I still love to look at them. This one is the red-to-green version of flakies, so if you already have one of the many other red-to-green flakie polishes, this is not a must have. It is less dense than say, essie Shine of the Times, but very very similar to essence Waking up in Vegas.

Catrice Miss Money Penny. A copperish topcoat in the bottle, but red/green/gold on the nail. Pretty, and to be honest I haven’t seen anything like it before. Have you?

Catrice Million Dollar Baby is a glitter topcoat with smaller golden and larger silver glitters. The combination is cute; it looks less rough than essie Set in Stone, but not as christmas-y as SOPI Only Gold for Me.

Catrice ¿Holo Qué Tal?! is not a holographic topcoat. Surprise. It is a pink/purple shimmer topcoat which reminds me of the CND topcoats a lot. Very nice I think, and very wearable!

Catrice Have an Ice Day is a holographic glitter topcoat. It has been done before, I know I have a bottle of something very similar if not the same somewhere here… Well, let me say it, it is pretty. I love topcoats like this, because you can use them for almost everything. Have you tried Space Nails with a holographic glitter topcoat yet? Works wonders!

And last in this post my absolute favourite of the whole bunch. Catrice Godfather of Pearl is a duochrome blue/aqua topciat with a lot of golden specs in it. I think this is the shit.Love it – that’s why you get two pics.

So, overload of topcoats? Which one(s) did you get/like the best?

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9 thoughts on “Catrice Million Styles LE

  1. Ich bin – gemessen an der Geschwindigkeit, in der Blogs aktualisiert werden – sehr spät dran. Dennoch: Abgesehen von dem smokey-Topcoat habe ich alle Lacke mitgenommen – gerade, weil meine Sammlung nicht allzu üppig ist und ich so auf Abwechselung hoffte. Und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht! Versuche es einfach mal mit einem schönen breiten Strich irgendeines Lackes (außer schwarz und weiß – das kennen wir ja nun alle schon!) – und gib nebeneinander die Million Stylez Lacke darüber. Du wirst staunen, was speziell der “Return of the Space Cowboys” aufgrund seiner seltsamen Zusammensetzung (sheer, abdunkelnd, sehr leicht flächig zu lackieren) kann. Er hat einige eher ungeliebte Lacke wieder richtig in meinen Fokus gerückt. Aus einem pink-violett zauberst Du mit zwei Schichten dieses Top Coats einen Beeren-Ton, der dann je nach Licht nach blau oder violett changiert. Generell ist er auf allen violetten Tönen ein Knüller, macht aus ödem Rosa einen Hingucker und aus verleiht damenhaftem Rot einen Hauch von Punk. Auch der Shake-it-flake-it ist nicht einfach ein rot-zu-grün Flake Lack, trag ihn mal auf Rot oder Altrosa auf und staune. Allerdings ist er dem Essence Vegas-Lack wirklich sehr ähnlich.
    Kurz und klein: Diese beiden Lacke passen sich ihrer “Unterlage” an und machen daher richtig Spaß. Beide sehen bei mir am besten mit gleich zwei Schichten Topcoat aus, das verleiht ihnen die nötige Tiefe.

    • Fein, dass du so eine Freude an den Lacken hast! Ich bin – darf man gar nicht laut sagen – kein so ein Flakie-Fan, und die meisten der Lacke sind den CND Topcoats zu ähnlich, deshalb bin ich nicht so super glücklich mit der Catrice Kollektion, aber wenn man keine CND topcoats hat, dann empfehle ich die Catrices von Herzen. Macht Spass, mit einer Schicht Topcoat was ganz Neues aus dem “alten” Lack zu zaubern, gell? :)

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