Color Club Antiquated_bpretty Dark Night (4)

All but Antiquated

This is color club Antiquated. I only recently started noticing color club, mainly because I received some in a swap, and the glitters that I got were awesome beyond words.

This polish, however, isn’t a glitter (obviously.), but a metallic/foil polish. It works perfectly for stamping, covers in two coats, shines as if there was no tomorrow and is, as the other colours that were released in the foiled collection, pretty awesome. You can still find this on SaleNail, or, if you live in the U.S., I heard that you could try your luck at “Ross”.

above: daylight. Below: artificial light, no flashBelow: flash

I decided to layer a crackle polish from a local drugstore over it. It is called “dark knight”, is from a brand called b:pretty and retails at BIPA (local drugstore) for only 1,29€. What I like about it is, that the dark blue looks black in some light, and in other light the sparkle in the dark blue really light up. What I don’t like is that the cracks are so small; from my point of view those could have been more visible gaps. Nevertheless it crackles very  nicely, and for that price I really can’t complain!

What do you think about Antiquated and the color club foils? Did you buy any?

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