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It’s Frankenstein! No, Franken-time!

Hey everyone! Today I’m happy to be able to proudly introduce you to my franken, Happycalypse.

I came up with the name when I was (jokingly) preparing a bag, Sheldon-style, for 21. December 2012.
(I don’t believe in any of that world-ending stuff, I’m more convinced that, at mankinds current usage of the earths’ ressources, we’ll kill each other off sooner or later anyways. I just hope not to live to see that day.)
In any case, I thought that if there’s an end, why not make it a happy and colourful one? So I decided to name my newest franken “Happycalypse”.

It consists of a black jelly-ish base (Apocalypse!) with a dozen of glitters and shimmer pigments in there. For the little extra, I added some string glitters and some hex-shaped holograpic glitters (happy!). I used two coats, and was amazed by how good coverage was. I had to pat myself on my shoulder for that.

above: daylight. Below: artificial light, no flash.Below: flash

Actually, I shouldn’t call this a franken. I made it from scratch, so technically this would be a custom polish or an indie polish. What do you think about the terminology here? And what do you think about my Happycalypse?

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