essence ticket to the show_front row or backstage

essence color3 polishes

So, here they are, the polishes we’ve all been looking forward to – essence’s new color3 polishes, curtesy of their recent change in stock. I bought 5 of the 6 available ones, and I’ll show you these today.

The color3 polishes are supposedly 3 polishes in 2, because you can (according to essence) wear them alone or on top of each other. As one of the colours is the opaque one and the other one is a topcoat, you can wear them alone, just as you could wear any topcoat alone, but chances to get that opaque are slim. So I’m showing you the “base”colour first, and then what it looks like with the topcoat on. I used 2 coats of basecoat on each swatch.

You can click on the pictures to see the images larger/better!

essence “ticket to the show” is pretty much the same as Catrice “I wear my sunglasses at night”….

essence “front row or backstage” over “ticket to the show” looks like “Gold Old Buffy” from the Vampire’s Love LE.

essence “shopping trip in soho” is a pink with very subtle shimmer. It could be mistaken as a creme, but in the light you can see the shimmer.

essence “party all night long” over “shopping trip in soho”. I like this combination a lot, although it isn’t unique or special. I think I’ll grab some of my CNDs and layer them over pink, and then I’ll have the same combination.

essence “midnight date” is a shimmery dark blue. Pretty!

essence “city that never sleeps” over “midnight date”. “city that never sleeps” is a flakie topcoat, green flakes in a purple jelly base. I tried swatching it on a nail wheel, and I put on 4 coats so it became somewhat opaque. Pretty, nonetheless.

essence “kiss on top of a rock” is a medium red creme. It dries very glossy, and I must admit, that I have been positively surprised by essence when it comes to their red cremes!

essence “dancing in the streets” over “kiss on top of a rock”. This orange topcoat mainly adds sparkle to the red. It shifts colour slightly from orange to more pink depending on the light.

essence “boys are back in town” is a grey tending towards purple. Nice cream, and a safe colour.

essence “it’s just a little crush” over “boys are back in town”. This topcoat sparkles in blue and pink, depending on the angle the light hits. Nice, but again, not unique. But definitely a first for essence!

So, what do you think about them? Worth the fuss, or not what you expected?

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3 thoughts on “essence color3 polishes

  1. Honestly… I’m not very impressed with these polishes. I have been looking forward to the release despite the price. But since I have seen them in the stores and swatches on the internet… not anymore. ^-^;

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