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A purple to love

There was a time when I thought that 20-30 nail polishes was a lot. After all, the colours couldn’t be that different, right?
Then came a time when I discovered that ordering nail polish in bulk saved me money on shipping. So I revised my original statement that a good collection of nail polish may consist of about 50 nail polishes.

That is about the time that Zoya Zara came into my life. What I think now about the numbers of nail polishes one can and cannot have in a collection has greatly changed. Obviously. But nevertheless, I had Zara for quite some time now, and I believe I have only shown you ugly pictures of it.
I must rectify that unjustice I have done to Zara – therefore new pictures of her beauty. Zara is a medium purple with a strong golden shimmer. It applies effortlessly in 3 coats – I use the Zoya colour lock system with the Zoya polishes, but you can use any top or basecoat. above: daylight. below: artificial light, no flash

What do you think about Zoya Zara? Do you like polishes with a very apparent shimmer like this one?

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