RevlonNot so Blueberry (3)

Nail Polish Confessions

I must confess something to you. I received this polish, one of my biggest lemmings, in a swap I did with my friend H. We have an ongoing swap, and this was in the first package she ever sent me. She tracked it down, and sent me a triumphant picture that she found it and there and then I knew I couldn’t let her go! So, what is there to confess? I never wore it. Never. I have been sitting in front of my desk, eyeing it, I have held the bottle 2cm before my eyes to take in the colour in all its beauty, but I never dared to put it on. I mean, what if I wore it and it would be -God forbid- empty some day? What if I accidently hit it and it would spill? What if it wasn’t as beautiful as I imagined it to be?

Well, luckily, I got over those fabricated fears of mine. Luckily for me, it has not disappointed me in any way what so ever. It is beautiful.

Revlon Not so blueberry.

It had to be typed in a special paragraph for impact, right?! I used two coats – application and coverage are just fine. The colour is somewhere between periwinkle and purple, it is metallic, but doesn’t have those annoying brush strokes. Also, it is calm, cool and beautiful. And the shimmer is amazing.

above: daylight. below: artificial light, no flashbelow: flash

Well, what do you think- about the polish, not me. I’m assuming you think I’m weird and crazy!

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8 thoughts on “Nail Polish Confessions

  1. Cute post! Not at all crazy I am the same way with my clarins 230, I dont use it I keep it all packed up and hidden and I sometimes take it out to stare at it for a while then wrap it back up and put it back in its hiding place.

  2. LOL! That was too cute. I too am a nail polish ‘hoarder’ of sorts. I have brand new bottles I’ve never worn. :'( But that color is simply magic. Solution. I usually give them away as grab bag gifts or just because. And all the colors I really really love??? I buy multiples since companies are good at not keeping up a good thing. And when I look back the truth is I fall in love with a new hue every season. Maybe its Nail Polish ADHD.

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