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Pink Wednesday: OPI Melon of Troy

Alright, I admit it: this isn’t a pink nail polish. But it is somewhere within the colour family of red, even though Melon of Troy might only be a cousin 17th grade…

Nevertheless, I present to you today: Melon of Troy. I like the name, that’s already a plus point (you know how picky I am when it comes to names!), and I like the colour. It is not in fashion, it is also super streaky, but I still like it.

The colour is peachy, but not too brown. It is lively, but not too bright. And it has somewhat of a retro look about it. I used two coats, which was sufficient – you’ll never get rid of the streaks anyways, so there’s no point in trying.

above: daylight. below: artificial light, no flash.

If you wanted to know if this is a unique colour, let me answer: no. Even though this polish is rather old, colours like this will be released every once in a while – not everyone is brave&bold enough to wear blue, green and yellow! You can just have look for yourself: Orly Peachy Parrot comes very close to Melon of Troy. Other colours I found to be close are: essence “What do you think?” and OPI “Are we there yet?”.

Do you hate or love colours like Melon of Troy? It really either loving or hating  those colours, right?!


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5 thoughts on “Pink Wednesday: OPI Melon of Troy

  1. OPI melon of troy is my favorite nail polish color ever
    I think it’s perfect and I’m so sad it’s discontinued:(. I’m trying desperately to track down a bottle

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