nail polish ring (14)

Team Dyan ‘manicure’

A friend of mine from our facebook group has a daughter, who had a medical emergency last year. She was unresponsive for some time, and is now (luckily!) slowly recovering. It was – obviously – very hard for my friend, and so some of us decided to lift up her spirits and also wish her daughter the best with her ongoing revocery. We decided on a manicure week, but I thought I’d rather give  the girl a manicure which she can keep for longer, and so I decided to make her a nail polish ring.

This is it! She likes blue, so I figured I’d make a polish ring with magnetic teal polish and “hide” the blue flakies in there, so there’s be a special surprise depending on the angle you look at it. As in, to show hidden beauty!


And since I was in the process of making nail polish rings and earrings, here are some other combinations I came up with. If you find them awesome or would like to have some, you can contact me through facebook, twitter or by email.


What do you think?

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