Funky…. Donkey?!

Puuuuuuuuurple! Isn’t this a fun colour! Funky Donkey from OPI.
Funky – well, maybe for my grandmother. Donkey – no idea how purple relates to a donkey, nor the donkey from Shrek (this is, after all, a polish released in the OPI Shrek Collection).
Straight up medium purple creme. I like it on it’s own, but Funky Donkey could just as well be used for layering!

I only needed two thin coats for perfect application – the polish went on like butter. On one had, I expect all my polish to apply like that, but then there are enough polishes I own and keep that don’t apply that easily. So everytime the application goes smooth, I’m happy again, like one of those people in Alzheimer jokes.above: daylight, below: artificial light, no flash


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One response to “Funky…. Donkey?!

  1. So pretty! This is one of my untrieds that I have.

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