So, this is a guessing game for my Austrian readers. Guess what the pink picture on top means! I’ll give you another hint:

Okay, I’ll tell you. This is the GLOSSYBOX, the Austrian version of a birchbox. I was sent one (thank you!) for free, to test it out. Last months’ GLOSSYBOX contained a nail polish, so I didn’t say no to the offer. Let’s see what this months’ GLOSSYBOX held in store for me – it’s the Valentines’ version after all!

In this GLOSSYBOX there was no nail polish for me :( and also no other decorative cosmetics (only a mascara, but that’s not decorative, that’s necessary!). Anyhow, I was really happy to get 5 products to try that I had never used before.

As I am not a beauty blogger, I will have to try my best to explain those products to you – cut me some slack, please, as this is difficult for me!

So far my favourite is the Clinique Mascara calles High Impact Mascara. It’s not waterproof and jet black, which is wonderful, and also it adds length to the lashes without sticking them together. Pretty much everything I want from a Mascara, and also, it doesn’t dry up and makes you have black spots under your eye after a few hours. I’m very willing to buy this full-sized.

I also already tried the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. I am VERY VERY picky when it comes to face lotion as I have very dry and oversensitive skin, so I had to get over my issues and try this one. So far my face has not turned red or started to look as if I was 80 years old, and also I did not get a rash. When they put “for all skin types” on there, they obviously knew what they were talking about. It smells good, and my face feels moisturized – so I’m pretty happy about that one too. If my face survives another week, I’ll get a refill.

Then there are two things I don’t have any usage for: the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Full Shimmer Shampoo. I don’t have coloured hair, so I guess it won’t revive my hair colour – I gave it to my mum, and since she’s absolutely not into expensive cosmetics, I thought I’d let her say something about it. We’ll come back to that. The other thing I won’t use is the Lancome Génefique Concentrate, as I am not old enough to use that. Maybe you’ll disagree, but for my own integrity, I’ll wait a couple of years before I use anti-aging stuff. Even though I’ve heard people say you can’t start too early to use anti-aging lotions, I refuse to give in.

An then there is the Styx natural cosmetics aroma therapy body milk, scented in tangerine and orange. It smells nice and feels soft, but as stated above, I have super-dry skin, so I use body butter. For anyone who is looking for a new body lotion with a fresh scent, this would be an option.

I really enjoyed this box. For 12€ including sending you receive 5 samples of cosmetic products, and even though some might not be exactly what you want, it is always fun to try something new. Also, the whole shabang with the box and the nice packaging is awesome. I mean come on, which girl wouldn’t be convinced by a pink box?!

What do you think about the GLOSSYBOX? Did you order one? Are you going to order one in the future?



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