essence legends of the sky Trend Edition

Another essence Trend Edition that can best be remembered for its’ horrible names. This Legends of the Sky collection consists of 6 very warm and earthly shades. Which also brings me to the question, why 6 polishes ranging from brown to green to red are being released in January? Sometimes I wonder if essence (cosonova to be exact) just bought some receipes of polishes which are safe to use until a certain date and if they haven’t been used until then, they need to be given back or thrown away or what do I know.

Anyhow. I used 2 coats for all of those polishes. They are all cremes, application was reasonable, the polishes weren’t to fluid nor to thick. Basically, there’s nothing special to mention.

Take my red away – sorry for the spelling mistake in the jpeg file. I must say in light of various tragic flight accidents, maybe “take my read (as in, book, magazine, smart phone) away” is not that absurd. Wasn’t there a plane crash a couple of years back where it was rumored that there was a flight attendant in the cockpit? doing stuff? Maybe inspirational for a ManGlaze polish…. Oh sorry. I trailed off. This is Take my red away. It is a red creme. Period.

Flying Higher. Higher than what? Prometeus? This is a nude beige creme. A nude tending towards yellow, not one of those tending towards pink. It is maybe a good substitute for one of the current Zoya nudes, but I don’t like wearing those. So it didn’t get my polish heart to fly, let alone fly higher.

I am a Viator. That reminds me of “I am a Violator” or “I am a specific type of dinosaur called Viator”. The worst name in polish history I think. Definitely one for This is a medium brown creme. I don’t even want to say what it reminds me of, but for people looking for good brown cremes, go for it. It’s just not for me….

Well, I guess they tried. I wear my flying goggles at night. Sounds like a five year old trying to make a reference to a cool song. Like, I’ll take you to the car shop. Just as amusing. Nevertheless, this polish actually appealed to me – greyish green dusty creme. Nice colour.

This is the greener version of I wear my flying goggles at night. It is called Like Leo’s Pilot Jacket. I have no idea what this is about. Aviator? The movie? Well, if so, not the best reference. If you like army greens though, go for it and peel off the sticker, so you won’t have to read the name anymore.

No better way to sky. Well. Grammar, anyone?! This is orange. Not like a neon orange, more of a duller orange, but still orange. And we know what I think of orange cremes, right?

Did you get any of those polishes? Do you also think they should’ve been released in fall?

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5 responses to “essence legends of the sky Trend Edition

  1. Lol, don’t you know that they name the polishes after songs/movies etc? They always do!
    Legends of the Sky = movie
    Take my red away = ‘take my breath away’ (most important song in Top Gun, movie about US flying fighter school)
    Flying higher = Flying high is a musical
    I am a viator = wink to I am aviator (= pilot), and the movie “The Aviator”
    I wear my flying goggles at night = song ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’ (+ reference to Catrice polish that is named like that. Catrice and Essence come from the same company Cosnova)
    Like Leo’s pilot jacket = you got it. :) Leonardo di Caprio’s pilot jacket in the Aviator is this colour.
    No better way to sky = A big flying company’s slogan (very famous) was “(there’s) no better way to fly”
    Of course, because of copyright, they can’t just copy the names.
    But that wouldn’t be as much fun for the thinkers among us to find out what reference they put in the names. :)
    So maybe if you go back to the other Essence collections of which you dissed the names, maybe now you will get it!

    • Haha Thank you, I know what references they used, but I think they are boring, uncreative and not funny. Maybe I should’ve made that more clear! Thanks for taking the time to list them all though, maybe someone else will find it helpful! And I’m happy that at least someone appreciated cosonovas… imagination? If that is the right word for their work on the names.

  2. The colours are ok, but not that special i think..

  3. The only one I like is the brown one

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