Happy New Year!

before the year ends, let me remind you there are still a couple of hours left to enter my Giveaway. Thank you all for making blogging worth it!

My year was great. I started blogging in late April and boy, I already have over 300 readers on facebook. I’m really grateful for every one of you!

I learned that blogging isn’t always only fun, it is also hard work. Next to studying and working, I really need to be the master of my time to make things work out the way I want them to.
Luckily, blogging isn’t only work, it is also a lot of fun. I have met fellow bloggers, made new friends, and have been invited to be part of great facebook groups and blogger groups. I’m especially happy to have met my two awesome not-only-swap friends H. and M., I have also swapped with other great ladies such as R. (visit her blog here), A., C. and many more.
A highlight of my year definitely was the Pink Challenge which was judged by Kelly from Vampy Varnish, whose blog I absolutely adore. I’m still super excited to have talked to my fellow challengers, they were all so nice and super talented.
Another highlight of the year was the beauty fleamarket (here, here, here or here!), especially because I met fellow Austrian bloggers for the first time – and they were awesome! I’m happy to say that I feel like they took me in their midst, and I’m part of a great community. I also hope that Anna and I will have more nail polish parties & coffees :)

What else happened this year that I’d like to share? Well, I had a boring summer, I attended a wedding in Kerala in May (which was a one of a kind experience!), I also visited my friends in Mumbai – which is something I always enjoy – and I met the now wife of my friend H. Congratulations on your marriage, you two! You’ll be an awesome couple!!
In September, one of my online nail polish buddies B. came to Vienna – now I’m absolutely not afraid anymore that people are differend in real life, because B. is fun and I’m happy she’s here. At the end of this year I decided to give myself a little make-over, so I managed to loose 10kg, which results in me having to spend money on new pants instead of nail polish. Luckily, my swap buddies helped me with the nail polish “issue”, and I have recieved the most awesome packages from both M. and H. just yesterday, in time for this year to end awesomly.

What I wish for next year? What more could I wish for! I’m happy as it is, the only improvement may be a new haircut :P

What were your highlights this year? And what do you wish for the next? Let me know in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Quite interesting to hear about your year. Glad I am a part of it. Its was an awesome year for you. Hope this year bring many more great things for you. muaah

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