ANNY Yellow Cab flash (4)


How was your Christmas Eve? We Austrians celebrate Christmas on the 24th in the evening, tree & all, dinner, family get-together, great. Theres obviously always something that goes wrong, but we wouldn’t be human without Murphy’s Law, wouldn’t we?

I received a lot of cool presents, and I hope so did you! I also gave away quite a few awesome ones – at least that’s what I think.
Since Christmas is over, but there are some cookies still uneaten and some eggnogg left in the bottles, I have a polish for you that reminds me of eggnogg and cookie icing. It is called Yellow Cab Flash, and the polish is by ANNY. I don’t think Yellow Cab Flash is in anyway a proper name for it, I would have accepted eggshell, easter, little chicken, summer dress, ecru, something cute, whatever, but not Yellow Cab Flash. I mean, obviously, the person who picked the name must have been colour blind! Yellow cabs are differently yellow. Tzzz. I must defend all yellows!

Okay, before I get lost, here’s the polish. The first coat is so sheer, I have to tell you I was disappointed. I thought I’d never get this to equal out and be opaque. But, Lo and behold! The second coat already rewards you: the polish is now opaque. I did a third coat because I didn’t want to risk any camera-generated VNL, so there you go: 3 coats of the softest, squishy-ish, cute pastel yellow I’ve ever seen.

above: daylight, below: artificial light, no flash

Uuuh, I love this. I’ll go to find me some eggnogg now. And sugar coated candies. How about you?

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