australis polish pots unnamed _ CMP topcoat (5)

little work, great effect

Color Morphing Topcoats – todays’ discussion topic! What’s their future, where are they heading and what are their social, economic and moral impacts?
 *just kidding*

I quickly mixed together all three Color Morphing Powders to make one amazing  topcoat after I received the pigment from More Nail Polish. I started off with a black with subtle shimmer polish from Australis, it apparently came in a set of 3 so it doesn’t have a name. It only says “paint pot” in the bottle. Thanks again for this awesome polish, Amy!
Here is two coats of the unnamed beauty:

Then I layered the multicolor topcoat on the black polish:

Above: daylight, below: artificial light, no flash

I think the topcoat is subtle enough to be elegant, yet sparkly enough to be amazing. Also, it adds meters of depth! Do you own color morphing poweders or topcoats? Have you played with them yet? What do you think of them?

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