zoya barbie

Pink Wednesday: Zoya Barbie

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A polish worth its’ name: Zoya Barbie. From my perspective, Barbie could have been a more vibrant pink too, but this baby pink is also very Barbie. It has a nice shimmer in it, and it also makes my hands look as if I ate too many carrots (House MD fans: you must remember the episode I’m thinkin of, no?).

I used 3 super thin coats because I was afraid this polish might be goopy or it would drag, so I didn’t even want to give that a chance. 3 thin coats worked out wonderfully, because it equalled out perfectly. I use Zoyas with the colour lock system, so the drying time was longer than it would be if I used SV. While there are many heated discussions about which topcoat on what polish, I stick with the brands in-house topcoats. Has worked the best for me regarding Zoyas – everything else I gave up on and I therefore have sworn eternal love to SV. My friend M. even proposed to her SV – that’s how nerdy we lacquer heads can be! :)

above: daylight; below: artificial light, no flash.

What do you think of Barbie? Hot or Not?

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